A little concentration, and we begin to see how our surroundings are thick with many layers of sight and sound, sliding over each other, complementing or contradicting each other. To really see – or look – and to really hear -or listen – is to bring worlds alive that are invisible or inaudible to our habitual way of perceiving.

In this section you will find sounds, and sounds with images.

The former musician and sound engineer, Bernie Krause, has spent much of his adult life travelling the world and recording animal species, as described in his wonderful book, The Great Animal Orchestra. In the short extract below he describes the marvellous world he discovered through headphones and a recorder:

Like a pair of binoculars, my mics and earphones brought the sound within a close and intimate range, exposing a range of vivid detail that was entirely new to me. A few birds flew overhead through the stereo space – right to left -the slow cadenced edge-tones of their undulating wings a diaphanous mix of whirr and shush. With my portable recording system, I didn’t feel like I was listening as a distant observer; rather, I had been sucked into a new space – becoming an integral partof the experience itself. It was one of those moments you run towards and fully embrace with an open spirit, afraid it may not last and knowing you’ve experienced something you’ll always crave.

Wonder what sounds can be truly heard in the park, the factory, the cemetery deep beneath the cathedral…

Puton the headphones and enjoy the soundscapes, the sound zones.


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