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Chlorophyll on the tracks…

20.11.12. I went to Metal art studios this afternoon, at Liverpool Edgehill train station, for Ailie Rutherford: The Psychic Life of Plants. An admittedly pseudo scientific experiment to communicate and listen to potted plants via headsets and wire cables.  Simply plug into the soil and stem, relax, let your mind float downstream with the aid of some amplified white noise, and let the plants transmit. So what did our sun-sucking chums want to chat about? My ciggy clouded untrained third eye was getting pylons, birds eyes and tall woods at night, and my potted little hardy did drop a leaf onto my sketch paper, affectionately I like to think. The girl next to me recorded what looked like an elephant when she sketched it.  A manual typewriter was used to type comments onto the sketch papers when we’d been disconnected.  Bit of a sort of Rorshach test for plant botherers like myself all in all but curiously refreshing on my CNS. I was hoping for a bit more to the event, especially maybe a presentation about Cleve Backster’s experiments and links to shamanic Golden Bough stuff.  We had a good chat on the way out though, and the Metal people are good art hosts. The research is there that suggests plants can “tell the future”.  My personal view is that plants are highly attuned to life cycles and adapting to survive, and don’t have cluttered or distracting mental lives, so it is likely they have refined pre-cognitive ability.   The next day I did want to find out how my plant was, I’m polite like that, wondered if it had a memory of me and our short time together?  I’ve included a short film of the so-called Backster Effect for you to look at.  Think only good thoughts folks, you never know who’s listening in.

Review by Andrew Millar