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These Books Are Made for Walking

Brilliant post from Gerry C  on his superb site. Explores the fascination with walking and paths through literature. Great photographs here too.

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De Quincey in Everton

Famed for Confessions of an English Opium Eater, De Quincey was a great writer and thinker, but he was also a chronic walker (for instance after escaping from Manchester Grammar School, he walked through Wales en route to London). He was an associate of the Lake poets (Wordsworth, Coleridge etc) and lived in the Lake District but he also spent time in a cottage in Everton.

This wonderful site charts aspects of the Everton days. ou’ll find links and articles here too to a wide range of the blogger’s interests, especially Soul. This is the blogger’s profile:

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Introducing Psychogeography

A short introduction by Emma Smith to the word that is bandied about and which has spawned a minor publishing niche. It would be illuminating to map the zones in which the word is bandied about.

The article is on the Critical-Regionalism website.

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